Strength in Numbers

The industry of micro-brand watches includes more than 600 brand names, give or take. With a minimum manufacturable quantity of 300 to 500 watches per collection, those brands might add up to a global production of 300,000 watches, which is almost double of what an institutional brand like Hamilton sells every year.

Even with an average price of 250 USD in direct sales, micro-brand watches might add up to 75 million USD, almost as high as a global brand like Movado.

Join the Vision

I ambition to build a business registry of micro brands and every micro-brand's input would help to get a clearer picture of this grassroot industry and to improve its image with the general public and the press.

I am focused on keeping a minimalistic interface, while providing key informations about each micro-brand.

If you wonder who I am, my name is Francis Jacquerye and I promoted more than 200 micro-brands on Watchprojects.com from 2009 to 2015. I am a watch industry veteran, and after becoming a Quora Top Writer with nearly 5,000,000 views and a contributor of the TempusFugit blog I decided to reformat WatchProjects to continue to promote micro-brands.

I am also building two repositories under this new platform:

  1. Business to business services, which include:
    • Watchmakers workshops, to help micro-brands find a local partner to handle their repairs
    • Standard components (crystals, gaskets, batteries)
    • Watchmaker tools, for simple operations such as battery or crystal replacement
    • Trade shows, where micro-brands managers can meet suppliers or the public
  2. Media outlets, which include online publications (magazines and blogs), vloggers and podcasters who talk about watches.